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Top 15 Creepiest Airbnb Rentals

The Parks-Bowman Mansion

Nestled in New Orleans Garden district, this is a well known haunted location in The Big Easy. You can even spend the night in “the Haunted Bedroom”, where the ghost of a playful little girl dressed in yellow is said to wake the occasional overnight guest. While harmless, it is quite unsettling to say the least. Nightly rental is about $115 on Airbnb, but with a guaranteed haunting that’s quite a steal.

Gettysburg Farmhouse

Standing on the grounds of one of the bloodiest battles of the American Civil War, this farmhouse is surrounded by a history of violent death. 23,000 soldiers died fighting for the Union, while as many as 28,000 gave their lives for the Confederacy. Naturally, with so many people meeting a death by violence, Gettysburg is considered one of the most haunted places in the United States.

For the paltry sum of $105 per night, visitors can spend the night at a small farmhouse close to the old battlefield itself. The real advantage is that the farmhouse was actually a field hospital shortly after the battle, and many wounded men suffered and died within its walls. Essentially, if this house is not haunted, then there is no such thing as haunted houses.

Hackett Castle

Another Irish castle, this property sits on a hill south of Tuam in County Galway, presenting a grand view of the surrounding countryside. Named for the family who erected it (the Hiberno-Norman Hacketts), the construction was finished in the 1400s, but the castle was ultimately abandoned in the early 1700s. As legend would have it, the land upon which the castle stands was acquired by driving off two local Irish clans, the O’Flaherty and Kirwan tribes, and most historians suspect that their ouster was most likely accomplished through violent means. As if to add to this rather macabre reputation, the castle has largely been reclaimed by nature (as pictured), and the subterranean dungeon is still intact. Try spending the night in a place like that and not letting your imagination get the best of you.

Headfort House

In the nation of banshees, fairies, and pugnacious elven mascots, Ireland is also a land of spirits (and not just the alcoholic kind). With its rolling green hills and well-watered grasslands, the misty mornings and evenings provide an otherworldly feel to the lands of the Emerald Isle. So, a gigantic haunted mansion is just par for the course, right? According to previous guests at this stately home, Headfort House in Meath is positively rife with haunting spiritual entities. Originally constructed in the mid 18th century by a Dublin architect named George Semple as commissioned by a Sir Thomas Taylour, First Earl of Bective, Headfort House is among Ireland’s 100 Most Endangered Sites as of 2004. It has served as a school for young people aged 3 to 14, and former guests claim that you can hear long-dead alumni playing out on the grounds or creating a racket inside of the house itself.

Castle Chateau Pitau

At a nightly rate of $206, this Russian castle near the capital city of Moscow is a bargain at twice the price. The beautiful red brick fortress has its own forest in the rear of the grounds, three bedrooms, a dining room, and sleeps eight altogether. The 2,000 square foot garden encircles the entire property, and there is a lake within walking distance of the front door. However, as with all the properties on this list, there is a very punctual ghost who it is said haunts this ancient castle: every weekday, a ghost appears exactly at midnight. While this sounds somewhat suspect even for paranormal activity, the Castle Chateau Pitau offers the closest thing to a guaranteed supernatural experience.

The Paris Catacombs

An ancient ossuary dating back to before the Roman Empire, this Airbnb rental is for October 31st only, but you do get to spend the night in one of the oldest burial places in the world. One unique identifying characteristic of the catacombs is the quaintly named “Gate of Hell” entrance. It was so named due to an occurrence in the 1790s, when the cities cemeteries ran out of room and bodies were disinterred and unceremoniously dumped in fortified tunnels beneath the city throughout the catacombs. A few brave souls a year still try to explore the catacombs in order to discover the alleged mouth of hell that exists there that swallowed up all the bodies that were removed from their graves and tossed deep within the catacombs. There is even a video online you can watch on their Airbnb site that documents the adventures of one such explorer who lost his mind due to sheer terror after one night of wandering among the bones.


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