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Top 15 Creepiest Airbnb Rentals

While Airbnb does make travelling more efficient and affordable, not everything about the Airbnb experience is a rosy or romantic as modern day vagabonds might have you believe. There is a dark side to the rental site that caters to those with more ghoulish taste. They can be somewhat hard to find, but on the plus side the waiting list is fairly short. The naive, curious, or foolish can spend a weekend at a reportedly haunted mansion, or sleep inside ancient stone fortresses. There are no guarantees that everyone will get the experience they hope for staying in any of these fifteen locations, but everyone will definitely have a story to tell. Could you stay the night in any of these places?

Laura’s Cottage

In the crown jewel Georgian city of Savannah, there stands a tiny shack that rents on Airbnb for $225 a night on average. This 18th century home was originally a guest house, and the titular spirit Laura is known to have greeted many guests and passersby over the years with a friendly hello.

The Haunted Castle Bed and Breakfast

The above title is actually the name of the location. People flock to this place in Brumley, Missouri stay in this Queen Anne Victorian mansion, which was originally constructed in the 1850s and has recently undergone extensive restorations to make it appear as if it has remained untouched since the 19th century. The owners intentionally made these restorations in order to preserve the ghostly ambiance of their establishment. Their most famous ghost, Mrs. Dixon, has been dubbed the Screaming Woman, and was married to the original owner of the house. Most hauntings take place in the wee hours of the morning, and there are more than just Mrs. Dixon allegedly populating the premises.


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